Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tight Salwar Kameez

The tight salwar kameez are not exactly like the traditional salwar kameez. The stitching is mostly similar, but differs, as the fitting at the hips; thighs and ankles are tighter, more like leggings. They narrow at the bottom, so as to reveal the contour of the leg, and bunching up at the lower calf. They are usually stretchy because they are tight-fitting pants, and would otherwise be uncomfortable for the woman to wear. The extra material given in these tight salwar kameez is to enable the wearer to sit with ease, when folding the legs. 

hey are traditionally tied at the waist using a thread. An interesting fact about the tight salwars is that they are longer than the legs. This is to provide the bunching up. It is usually made up of fine muslin or cotton, although synthetic fabric is also used nowadays to make these tight salwar kameez.It is the perfect to be paired up with a kameez which is long.

They are simple or designer, or even pre-stitched.As customers now have trendy off-beat choices, tight salwar kameez is made available in a plethora of colors, to be teamed up with all designs of kameez. They are worn a lot with the quarter sleeves kameez, with which they can give the dupatta a miss. Usually, the young girls go in for a quarter sleeves kameez, and match it up with a tight salwar of a color present in streaks in the kameez. The combination turns out pretty! 

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