Sunday, 8 April 2012

Embroidery Sherwani

wedding dress for menSherwani is a most Popular Dressing for men. Mostly the people of south asia wears sherwani as a cultural dress. Sherwani is a National dress of Pakistan. Sherwani is a very well wedding dress for men. Sherwanifashion spread in world day by day. below you can see some beautiful sherwanies. The Image in which the person wears a beautiful turquoise color Sherwani Embroidery with beautiful Pearls along with white shalwar and mojari shoes in matching. this is also a wedding dress.


  1. Hi,
    sherwani is also a great indian fashion style. I like it so much. thanks for giving the latest choices of sherwani.

    Prash patel

  2. Sherwani Indian wedding dress.Mens like to wearing this. thanks for sharing so beautiful can view new traditional dresses from gravity fashion.
    Gravity Fashion

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